Our former Horsemen (and Horsewomen) go on to do great things in the world of finance. 


Hiroki Tokuyama

Operations Associate at GW Capital

What were your biggest duties in 4HI?

As the President of 4HI, I was in charge of organizing the group, setting up meetings, overseeing the investment process, and contacting guest speakers for our 4HI Speaker Series. I also traveled to Costa Rica to present 4HI's research about the dangers of payday loans and suggesting P2P lending as a possible alternative to these "debt traps."


What was your biggest contribution?

My greatest contribution was spreading the name of 4HI to people inside and outside of the Puget Sound community. I strongly believe in 4HI's missions and goals and did my best to explain to others how we function as a team to help others through our investments and philanthropic projects. During my time in Costa Rica, I frequently talked about the work we did and I received a lot of positive feedback from people of different countries and backgrounds.


What was your favorite part of Four Horsemen?​

My favorite part of Four Horsemen was the connections I made. I was able to meet a lot of professionals outside of the school environment, but I was also able to become closer with the team and the alums. Networking is an essential part of any career and I am grateful for the opportunities that 4HI created for me.


What do you do now?

I currently work as an Operations Associate at GW Capital, Inc. I am also studying for the CFA Level 1 in June.your accomplishments since graduation?Since graduation, I've been spending a lot of time preparing for the CFA exam. However, I was also able to do a lot of research during my free time for my own investment portfolio and to incorporate new ideas and strategies.


Advice for current students of Four Horsemen?

Whether you're applying to graduate school or looking for a job, 4HI can be a great way to show that you have been involved in a professional environment. The experiences gained during your time is invaluable and can be used at any time. I've read and heard about a lot of schools and their "investment clubs," but we're not a "club" and 4HI has a greater goal that extends beyond maximizing returns. Always keep in mind the true motivation and mission of 4HI.What is your favorite part to the financial markets?I've spent many years learning how the "market is efficient." While I still believe that investing in the market can yield healthy gains in the future, I have been intrigued in the idea of taking on additional risk to seek additional returns. I think it's important to take on these risks while we're still young because there's always a chance of winning big.