Former and Future Events

MACROMUTATION: Technology's Transformative Effects on Modern Financial Markets with Matthew Hedges

Four Horsemen Investments was lucky to welcome Matthew Hedges to the University of Puget Sound. Matthew is an investment director at Benchmark Plus Management, a hedge fund located in Tacoma. Hedges shared his breadth of knowledge about financial markets from his time trading on the Chicago Stock Exchange to modern zero commission online trading. He has led an interactive discussion on the future of trading, investing, and hedge fund strategies. Hedges highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and alternative data for fund managers to maintain their competitive advantage over other funds (November 12th, 2019). 

Matt Hedges Group Picture.png

"The Power of Culture & Brand"

Rick Brooks returned to Puget Sound on behalf of Zumiez and along with him was fellow Puget Sound graduate, Tim Morelli. Rick is the current CEO of Zumiez and gave a presentation on the most important values and pillars of the Zumiez business model. Rick and Tim carried out a highly interactive and immersive presentation that displayed the importance of Culture and Brand in their company, along with Rick's story of how he went from earning an accounting degree, to leading a front-runner in the specialty clothing market. Rick graduated from UPS in 1982 and Tim graduated in 2001, with a degree in Communications and currently is a manager in digital marketing for Zumiez (April 3rd, 2018).

"Thinking Outside the                   Xbox"

Four Horsemen Investments was lucky enough to host former Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach, to come share his experiences leading the Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft and his foundation for business strategy & innovation.  (October 19, 2017)

Willis Re: Reinsurance 

Molly Darrow and Kyle Stetner returned to campus to present on behalf of Willis Re, a reinsurance brokerage that helps insurance companies assess risk potential and manage extreme outcomes.  Stetner explained that Willis Re, which is the third-largest reinsurance company worldwide, searches for trends in data from insurance companies in order to evaluate their client's risk potential.  Students learned that insurance companies purchase their own insurance as a means of remaining financially stable in case of catastrophic events (i.e. Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 attacks).

4HI Represents at Log Jam

Over 30 new Loggers met with the 2017-2018 4HI team at the annual "Log Jam" event Friday, September 1st. Many students are looking forward to the Fantasy Investments Challenge and Speaker Series that will take place this year. 


Logger alum, and current executive director at the World Trade Center of Tacoma, Louise Tieman, stressed to students the importance of behaving properly and maintaining a high degree of emotional intelligence within a professional work setting.  Tieman, who has ventured to over 40 countries, also encouraged Loggers to consider traveling and studying abroad; she successfully co-founded her own startup in China and will be heading there this May for the 2016 trade mission, which will ential meeting with Chinese importers who are looking to purchase American products and services.  Tieman began her career in the finance sector working for Price Waterhouse and then transitioned into bankruptcy management, before taking over the lead position at WTCTA.

Keys to Navigating the Business World
Andy Crosby and Nathan McCarty Complete the Big Climb



Former 4HI President Andy Crosby and friend, Nathan McCarty hiked an exhausting 69 floors as part of the Big Climb, a Seattle fundraiser that raises money for patients battling leukemia.  The spectacular view atop the Columbia Center made the challange all the more rewarding!

Hard Work Pays Great Dividends


Logger alum Patrick Adrian outlined his difficult path from passionate economic major to successful financial analyst.  Adrian illustrated the importance of networking by explaining his invaluable internship with Russell Investments, which opened the door for his financial pursuits.  He is currently a partner for RedQuarry, a software company that tailors its services to investment research management.  Adrian also works with Monea Investments, LLC, managing investment portfolios and providing clients with effective trading strategies.  Several students found it fascinating that Adrian applied to Russell 30 times before finally receiving an acceptance letter.  He also studied for his CFA exam while working full-time for the Threshold Group.

From College DJ to Exceptional Entrepreneur 


Tyler Pigott, the co-founder of Reliant Hydration, provided students with outstanding advice on how to create your own brand and effectively market yourself and company.  Although Pigott no longer works with Reliant Hydration, the former Logger initiated its partnership with the Seattle Seahawks and the premier sports drink sells in numerous grocery outlets.  Pigott currently operates his startup, Lone Fir Creative, named after the iconic lone fir at Chambers Bay Golf Course.  The consulting firm advises companies with marketing and communications strategies.  Pigott began his entrepreneurial career at Puget Sound when he operated his own DJ and media services company and has encountered tremendous success in the startup industry.  He also serves as an assistant coach for the men's golf team and tries to hit the links whenever he has the chance!