Our former Horsemen (and Horsewomen) go on to do great things in the world of finance. 

Anthony Warmuth


​Analyst, BNY Mellon

What was your position when you were an active member of Four Horsemen Investments?​

Vice President of Publicity and Recruitment

What were some of your fondest memories in the group? What was your biggest contribution?

The investment committee meetings were the most memorable, which usually ran about an hour and at times twice a week. Discussion topics on the profits, current returns, and how to strategize reinvesting the funds were some of the main issues.

Anthony also helped create the initial design of the website with the help of contracted computer science major.

What are you currently doing, school or work? What are some of your recent accomplishments?

Anthony is currently a Senior Business Analyst at BNY Mellon. He has passed the Level 1 of the CFA and is preparing for the Level 2 in June. He has had two promotions within the last 9 months!

Do you have any advice for college students and members of Four Horsemen?

“Be proactive about your future.” It is known to be tough to leave the college “bubble,” but once that is done it is rewarding. Definitely get a running start with the transition out of school with internships and work experience.

What is something that fascinates you about the financial markets/industry?

“Financial Markets provide a unique way to add value to two parties in a mutually beneficial way. The markets can be a key to the economy in which they help people reach their goals.”