Our Team

4HI is comprised of, and run by, University of Puget Sound students.

Winnie Lee, President


"I joined Four Horsemen Investments because I wanted to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the finance world. Through essential, real-world experience and collaboration with a team of passionate, scholarly individuals, I will be able to not only improve my own knowledge on finance but also uphold the organization's values of spreading financial literacy and philanthropy to the local community. "

Matt Hicks, Vice President



"I joined Four Horsemen Investments to help students improve their financial literacy and develop financial independence. In turn, I hope to increase my knowledge and skills in the financial field through education and outreach."

Kristen Ahn, Alumni Relations Chair 


"I joined Four Horsemen as a way to gain experience in valuation and projecting stocks, which is rare to find as an undergraduate. By being in a student-based organization, I also want to gain leadership experience and have a taste of what it is like in the finance world. I am very excited to see what we accomplish this year and to learn more about different strategies towards financial markets!"

Eric Zdechlik, Publicity Chair


"I joined Four Horsemen in order to increase the organization's presence in the Puget Sound community, gain knowledge about lesser-known financial vehicles, and educate the community on steps to achieve financial freedom. I am eager to work with such a devoted group of individuals to promote financial literacy throughout the Puget Sound community."

Declan Peloso, Analytics & Research Chair 

"I joined Four Horsemen Investments because I was looking for a way to increase my investment knowledge while also giving back to the community. I am very interested in the field of finance and working within the team has provided me with valuable insight into how teams operate in a professional setting. I am excited to work on a Peer to Peer Lending focused research project to help improve our portfolio and learn a great deal in the process."

Darren Yeun, Analytics & Research Chair 

"I joined Four Horsemen Investments to thrust myself into the financial industry and challenge my skills in a real-world experience while creating opportunities to benefit the larger Puget Sound Community.  By surrounding myself with dedicated and spirited individuals, I am pushed to better my own knowledge and keep up the high-quality work of the organization."

Danielle Rodriguez, Treasurer

"I joined Four Horsemen Investments to gain a unique perspective into finance. This organization provides an extremely valuable and unique experience that has helped me to gain a stronger understanding of the industry. Additionally, financial literacy is an extremely important topic to me, and this organization serves as a great avenue to help others improve their literacy. As Treasurer I am able to ensure the stability of our goals, and positively impact the community."